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Tools for Success

My Success Map

This tool works great at the beginning of business meetings, events, seminars, and classes. People will know very quickly where they are, where they want to go, and why. Exponential growth can be achieved when you know your destination before you begin.


Introductions 101

Introductions 101 will guide people through an interactive simulated networking event to prepare them to get out in public and introduce themselves in a professional and structured manner. Practice here so you're ready to rock your networking out there!


Why Times 7

For beginners to premium experts, this exercise will uncover true meanings of "Why" in personal and business lives. This tool is used to determine that ultimate driving force to overcome anything in life! Be prepared to reveal your real self, reach the next level, and learn the real reason why


Focus and Prioritize

Being scattered is the norm these days. Knowing what to focus on and how to prioritize to grow is the only way to have faster and more consistent positive growth. Leave knowing what to focus on and what your priorities are. 


The Elimination Game

This is the time to put down your "To-Do" list and play The Elimination Game! This game will help you find the things you should NOT be spending time on and help you either automate them, delegate them, or eliminate them! 


Growth Connector

One of the fastest ways to grow in personal and business is to share your experiences with others and listen to theirs in return. With the Growth Connector, it's time to share with the group the things in your business or life that have had the biggest positive impact. This is a great ice breaker for new teams and groups to connect and learn from one another. This tool is also utilized to host masterminds for organizations, events, seminars, and business meetings.


One Group, One Mind

One Group, One Mind tool allows us to put one person/one team in front of the entire group to address their biggest problems. The group helps come up with incredible solutions and the person/team is able to leave with action-oriented steps. 


Prepare To Overcome

Every person has to start their journey of success somewhere. When people think success is only an upward journey, they'll soon realize that success is more like a jagged mountain with both ups and downs. This tool will help you come out stronger, faster, and smarter when unexpected realities happen in your life and in your business.


The 'One Thing' Solution

In today's busy world we usually have a ton of things to do and we end up leaving the must do's still on the list without much impact on the day. This solution will make you find your 'one thing' that is the solution to solve all of your biggest fears and issues. 


Up My Negotiations

When it comes to negotiating for a win, you must have a positive attitude and remember it's not about you, it's about them. Up My Negotiations activity allows attendees to leave the event with a blueprint for the perfect negotiation meeting.


Idea Planner

So many times we have so many ideas and too many times those ideas are nothing more than just that...ideas in the mind. This activity allows attendees to take the time to get all their ideas out of their heads and onto paper. We dive deep into each idea and attendees leave with their ideas organized. It will help them stay accountable to themselves and move forward quicker.


Networking Connections

Networking Connections workshop gives attendees an easy to use way to share their interest in a mutually beneficial relationship. This workshop shows how to make networking work for both parties and is a far better way of connecting with key people instead of just handing out business cards without making a connection.


Close and Act

Close and Act tool is best used at the end of parts of the meetings/events or at the very end to allow attendees to recap the session and event to help them acknowledge their breakthroughs while simultaneously reminding others of things that they may have forgotten about. Then it holds them accountable to take action!


Create My Plan

Create My Plan is used at any day, stage, year, of your life and helps you refocus what your must do's are and what are the action steps necessary to take in order to accomplish the must do's. 


My Power Within

Going through the My Power Within activity allows attendees to look inside themselves and pull out their inner power from within themselves. This tool has attendees leaving with a new sense of power in themselves.


My Target Client

Narrowing down who your target client or audience is will increase your marketing efforts and guide you on who exactly your service, goods, or products work best for. Attendees leave knowing exactly who their ideal client is. 


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